How much luggage can I bring on a private jet?

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Is it your first private flight and you are wondering how much luggage can you bring on the plane? The best thing to do here is to talk about all of your concerns with your Flight Manager before booking your flight ticket.

Also, you can try finding some relevant information on the company's official website. It is very important to discover all of the luggage requirements as the number of things you are looking forward to bringing with you might not fit on the plane. 
However, if you are not looking for luggage requirements of some type of specific private jet company but want to learn about the rules overall, we will do our best to provide you with useful facts. Enjoy reading! 

Factors that impact luggage amount on private planes

Even though there are many factors that influence luggage requirements for private jets, we decided to extract the most common ones. Learn more about the top 4 that make the biggest impact on luggage amount:

Aircraft size 
Private jets come in all types of sizes. The luggage amount that each aircraft can hold differs more or less. If you choose to fly with a 4-6 seat light jet, you will obviously have to bring fewer things on board than you could if travelling by a 12-seat large jet that has greater baggage capacity. 

Plane weight 
If you are at least a little bit interested in aviation and aeroplanes overall, you should know that there are strict take-off and landing weights that no pilot should exceed. Many things add up while talking about the weight of a jet, i.e., fuel, people flying, amount of luggage, etc. 

Flying passengers 
Even though the number of travelling passengers influences the weight of the jet, this is not all you need to know. Typically, on light and medium-sized jets every seat is intended for one passenger and that also equals one item of luggage (~50 pounds). 
For example, if you are boarding an 8-seat jet with all of the seats taken, the total number of luggage is 8 items. However, private jets don't always get completely filled up with passengers. If there are some empty seats, there is a chance that you will be allowed to bring more luggage than usual.

Runway length 
Different aeroplanes usually require different times to speed up before taking off and stop after landing. Even though the length of many runways is pretty generous and fits all types of aircraft, some are created shorter than others due to the lack of space. 
A heavier aircraft typically requires a longer runway because it speeds up and stops slower than a lighter plane. If the private jet that you are flying with will be approaching a short runway, you might be told to bring fewer things with you as luggage is additional weight that increases the jet's speed up and slow-down time. 

Choose your jet wisely

It is no secret that bigger aeroplanes equal more space for people and luggage. There are different sizes of jets that you can choose from according to your needs. It is not necessary to select a very large jet if you are travelling alone with only one backpack, right? 
First, you have to sort out your plans, i.e. are you going to carry only a backpack with you, maybe you need two/three pieces of luggage to fit all your things, or you might be looking for extra space for your musical equipment, golf clubs, skis, etc. 
When you are finished planning the packing process, you can start looking at private jet types that would be able to suit your expectations. Take a look at the most popular sizes of private jets and their approximate luggage holding capacity. 
Light jet 
These private aeroplanes are made to fit 6-7 passengers and hold a luggage capacity of 55 cubic feet. This jet is a good option for those who aren't travelling long distances and don't need to pack many things. Also, note that bigger musical instruments, skis, and golf clubs may not fit on this size of aircraft. 
Luggage per person: 1 small roller bag, 1 personal item. 
Midsize jet/Super Midsize 
A midsize jet is a little bit bigger than a light jet and includes 8 passenger seats. It has around 60 cubic feet of baggage capacity. If every seat is taken on the plane and there is no room left for extra luggage, you might not be able to fit larger things (e.g. instruments, skis) on a midsize jet. 
However, if we are talking about a super-midsize jet, things are a little different here even though the number of seats remains the same. There is an extra 30 cubic feet of space for luggage combined with midsize jets. Also, there is a high chance of finding room for additional equipment. 
Luggage per person (Midsize): 1 medium roller bag, 1 personal item. 
Luggage per person (Super Midsize): 2 medium roller bags, 1 personal item. 
Large jet 
These types of private planes can seat from 10 to 12 passengers and have much more space for luggage combined with the other mentioned jet sizes (around 125 cubic feet). While travelling by a large jet, you are allowed to bring heavier baggage and any additional items will also have no problem fitting on the plane. 
Luggage per person: 2 large roller bags, 1 personal item.

Private jets have fewer baggage restrictions overall

If you have ever travelled with a commercial airline, you supposedly remember all of the luggage restrictions that you have to follow, (e.g. specific liquid amount, bottle and container size, zip bags, etc.). This is pretty annoying not to mention all of the check-up processes you have to go through before boarding the plane... 
Even though you still have to pass a baggage check-up while flying privately, this process is less time-consuming and the rules for the things you can bring are not that strict. In fact, you can take anything on the plane that has been allowed by the pilot. Isn't that great?! 
Feel free to bring your favourite bottles of lotions, shampoos, and other skin/hair care products in all types of amounts. You can also have water bottles and other beverages that you like. However, beware that alcohol is usually discluded, but you can surely buy some tasty alcoholic drinks on the plane. 

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