Elevate Membership

The best alternative to shared ownership and jet cards. Enjoy seamless booking and premium services, paying dynamic market rates. Sign up to receive more information today.

For those who crave the best. Learn why the Elevate is the ultimate choice over jet cards or shared ownership.

Premium Services

Seamless booking and faster aircraft reservation. More flexibility and access to preferred rates.


A limited number of members ensures the highest level of personalised service. Global coverage to fly private anywhere.


Free aircraft upgrades when available. Standard catering included.


Quick flight activation and monitoring. We are standing by day and night.

More and better options to fly

Unlike a jet card, The Elevate membership works with dynamic rates, so you will benefit from the fluctuating charter prices. Shared ownership programs only make sense when flying 75+ hours per year. Enjoy enhanced experience and efficiency for flying private.

  • Access to our preferred operators
  • Guaranteed availability up to 24 hours
  • Faster and seamless aircraft reservation
  • Streamlined payment and booking process
  • Flight activation up to 6 hours before departure (we have done 2 hours in the past)

Financial Advantages

Jet card holders will always pay the same fixed rates. This restricts them from benefiting from frequent charter deals because of optimized empty legs. Flying private with improved conditions, flexibility and special rates.

  • Funds that never expire
  • Fully optional refundable deposits
  • Waived fees to opt-in or initiate a shared flight
  • Standard cold VIP catering is included on all flights

An additional level of personalization and care

Hyer restricts the number of members to keep the service consistency high. Our Flight Management team works as your extended flight planner department. And no, we won't change your account manager every month.

  • Complimentary itinerary optimization to reduce your charter cost
  • Global coverage. Fly anywhere with only one membership account
  • Members-only travel promotions from our partners
  • 24/7 access to your exclusive Flight Manager

Discover some of the services that ELEVATE has to offer. 

Additional Personalization

Improve your flight with exclusive add-ons before booking a flight. Get access to specially designed packages and experiences from our partners.

Streamlined Booking Process

Multiple channels to access your exclusive flight manager. Easy payment and confirmation via funds in the account. 

Preferred Partners

Access to newer and more luxurious aircraft without an exponential price increase. Only the very best operators. Free aircraft upgrade when available.

CO2 Neutral Flights

We offer 100% flight emission offset via our carbon offset program.

Seamless booking, preferred rates, enhanced flexibility and consistency, without hefty fees or long term commitments.

An innovative and rewarding membership for a distinct type of client.
Limited access.

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ELEVATE is available by invitation only. Some criteria must be met for clients to be considered for membership. That helps us to keep a higher level of service and creates a community of like-minded members.

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A dynamic rate private jet membership offers greater flexibility, allowing you to choose from various aircraft and flight options at competitive pricing. Unlike jet cards with fixed rates or shared ownership programs, dynamic rates let you adapt to changing travel needs and can result in significant cost savings. Enjoy the benefits of a customized private jet experience without the limitations of traditional ownership or pre-paid cards.

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