Elevate Membership

Perfect for those who want to extract the most out of flying private, without the heavy fees and long term commitments.

For clients that care about getting the most out of time and money

Unparalleled Value

The benefits are similar to owing a Jet Card, without the heavy fees and long term commitments.


A limited number of members ensures the highest level of personalised service. Global coverage to fly private anywhere 24 hours.

Premium Services

Aircraft upgrade. More flexibility. Access to our preferred partners. Flight deals. Additional customization and more….

More options to design your flight

Improve the experience and efficiency of flying private accessing services that were limited, until now, to jet card owners.

  • More aircraft options
  • Faster flight activation
  • More add-ons to customise your flight
  • Charter special aircraft and helicopters

Best value for money and time

Flying private with improved conditions, flexibility and special rates.

  • Fixed rates
  • Route monitoring
  • EUR 2000+ referral bonus and flight credits
  • Access to travel experiences at better conditions

An additional level of personalization and care

Our Flight Management team works as your extended flight planner department.

  • Global coverage
  • Fully carbon neutral flights
  • Custom-made flight credit accounts
  • Complimentary design of flight packages
  • Access 24/7 to our Flight Management service

More control to distinct individuals and businesses

The program is ideal for passengers and businesses that use private aviation to improve their travel schedule and expenses. 

  • Priority to opt-in on a shared flight
  • Better conditions to initiate a shared flight
  • Members-only travel promotions from our partners
  • Control your travel budget with fixed-rate packages
  • And much more….

Discover some of the 17+ services that ELEVATE how you fly.

Additional Personalization

Improve your flight with our service add-ons. Get access to exclusive packages and experiences from our partners.

Easy booking process

Multiple channels to access your exclusive flight manager. Assemble multiple segments and flight packages with ease and care.

Preferred Partners

Access to newer and more luxurious aircraft without an exponential price increase. Free aircraft upgrade when available.

CO2 Neutral Flights

Elevate members have 100%  flight emission offset as a standard via our carbon offset program.

Access benefits not available anywhere else without the hefty fees.

An innovative membership for a distinct type of clients.
Limited access. By invitation-only.

Sign-up to discuss the possibility of an invitation!

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Hyer ELEVATE is available by invitation only. We have some criteria to be met in order for clients to be considered for membership.  

If you have interest and you would like to know more, please contact our Flight Management Team via our contact page or sign up above so we can discuss the possibilities.

An access fee is charged for clients that want to join the program but do not match yet the requirements for membership.

Clients invited to join the program are awarded a complimentary membership for 6 months.

You can also contact Hyer® via our contact page

Also, we are available via phone or Whatsapp business +31 850 470 338.

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