About Hyer®

Technology, extensive industry knowledge and design-thinking approach. Few reasons why Hyer® is disrupting the private jet charter business. We deliver experiences that are smart, transparent, customisable and most of all, unforgettable. 

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Founding Team

Hyer® Aviation was founded by Max van Doorne and Helder Reis, themselves aircraft pilots with decades of experience in the aviation industry. They recognized that the private charter market is still too complex. Some services, which are usually taken for granted in this sector, are not delivered at the same level as they should be. They built Hyer® to tackle this problem. 

Photo of Helder Reis

Helder Reis


Throughout his career, Helder has led and shaped customer service delivery for VIP clients and has improved long-haul flight operations and corporate efficiency at leading airlines across the globe.

Photo of Max van Doorne

Max van Doorne


Max is a fully certified commercial pilot with flight experience gained in Europe, the USA, and the Caribbean. He also has substantial expertise in selling private aircraft in the European market.

Why Hyer®

Reward Membership

Enjoy the benefits of a jet card or aircraft fractional ownership programs, without the heavy financial commitments.  

Exclusive Shared Flights

Clients can book a seat on selected routes, sharing the costs with like-minded people. Experience the benefits of flying private for a fraction of the price.

Operational Independence

Our asset-light model alow us to take leverage of more than 5.000 aircraft and, through innovative optimization, deliver smart and cost-competitive flights. 


We do not believe in “on-seize fits- all”. We take the time to understand why you need to fly so you get a solution suitable to your needs and budget. 

CO2 Neutral Flights

We play our part to ensure a more sustainable future. Via Hyer® CO2 offset program, clients can offset the entire emission of their flights.

What our clients say

During my private flights, my Flight Manager Valerie was there to assist me with any of my questions or concerns. Since then, I have been flying Hyer on a frequent basis. I cannot wait for my upcoming trip to Oslo in November.

~ Jesper

We had an exceptional wedding in Capri. Hyer helped us with their charter and got our 50 guests safely to Napoli Airport. The experience and booking process was top-notch and I would like to thank Jonathan and the whole Hyer team for that.

~ Mark

I have been flying with Hyer as an ELEVATE member for a while now, after being an unsatisfied  Netjets customer. The Hyer team always amazes me with their service. They really go the extra mile. I would like to recommend Hyer to any private flier.

~ Nicholas

Our timeline

  1. The company expanded its services to Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Clients outside the initial closed group were welcomed to book with ENVOY. The company introduced the innovative Smart Quotes, simplifying the process of choosing an aircraft. Shortly after, the client base expanded to the United Kingdom and Spain.

  2. First-of-its-kind Shared Flights were introduced. Repatriation flights were organised in Asia, Africa and Europe with both small and large aircraft. Special solutions for groups and a carbon offset program for private aviation in Benelux were launched. 

  3. ENVOY rebranded to Hyer® Aviation. A new brand, website and a tech-driven strategy were launched, followed by a bold service portfolio. An innovative proprietary platform and an ambitious membership program were released to support better the rapid demand for Hyer® services and exclusive flights.

  4. Hyer developed a client portfolio and launched an exclusive mobile application for its loyal clients. A significant increase in demand, primarily during summer, has led to additional sales teams and flight support.  

We believe that in a world that turns you into a number, we are able to use technology to deliver to you an unparalleled personalised service.

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