Flying private means flying everywhere

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It is no secret that the services offered by private travels are so comforting that even the high price starts appearing reasonable. Here we aren't only talking about the luxurious interior, delicious food, wide luggage space, etc.

Let's start!

A huge benefit of flying private is saving great amounts of time, and by great amounts we mean hours. Not only that you don't have to wait in long security lines but private jets can take you much closer to your destination overall. Find out how! 

More endpoints

The explanation for the phrase "flying private means flying everywhere" lies in the fact that private jets have access to a greater number of airports worldwide compared to commercial airliners. Why so? 

The main factor that allows private planes to fly to various destinations is their ability to take off and land on shorter, narrower, and hardly reachable runways (e.g. near the mountains).  

There are a lot of cities, villages, and islands that don't hold enough space for a major airport and private travelling is the only option available there. What benefits private planes the most in such circumstances? 

The benefits

Lighter weight. Private aircraft weigh less than airliners where a smaller weight equals a shorter take-off and landing time/distance. This is why private jets don't need as long runways as commercial airliners do. 

Smaller size. Here we are talking especially about the width of the plane's wings. Larger aircraft (mostly, airliners) might struggle to reach airports that are situated in mountain-based and similar areas. 

Overall, smaller planes, i.e. private aircraft, can take you closer to your wanted destination. This way you will save travel time as a lot of major airports are situated much further than the ones that are suitable for private travelling. 

Approachable airports

Have you ever thought about the number of airports that are suitable for private jets versus the airports that are available for airliners? We have to tell you that the numbers are of a big difference and benefit private planes much more. 

According to 2013 statistics, Europe had over 3000 airports that were accessible for private jets and only around 300 approachable for major airlines! This is about 2700 airports less... Now let us take a look at the situation in the United States. 

Private jets are also winning here due to the great number of airports they can approach - over 4000 whereas airliners can fly only to approximately 500 airports throughout the entire United States of America. 

Private jet vs. airliner

There are a total of 3 airports that are located nearest to Cannes. There is one that is suitable for private jet travel and the other two are approachable for commercial airlines also. Let's take a look: 

Cannes Mandelieu. This is the airport that is the nearest to Cannes and the distance is only about 3,5 miles by car! However, this location is accessible for private jets only and passengers who are looking forward to visiting the French Riviera. 

If you opt for a private flight to Cannes, you will be able to save some time as car travel will not take that long as it would if you landed at another airport. Approximately, the entire journey from Mandelieu Airport to Cannes should cost you only 20 minutes! 

Marseille. Talking about this arrival point, it is suitable for major airlines. Even though commercial airlines offer cheaper tickets than private jet companies, you might lose up to a couple or a few hours while trying to get to your destination (Cannes). 

Marseille is located 108 miles from Cannes which will supposedly cost you a 2-hour trip if you decide to rent a car and even more if you take a bus. Not to mention all of the security lines, check-ups, and waiting for your luggage that will also add an extra 1-2 hours... 

Nice. This airport is also suitable for airliners and is approached by numerous commercial airlines. It's much closer to Cannes than Marseille but both the trip and the waiting time combined still cost the passenger more time than a private travel would. 

Nice airport is about 17 miles away from Cannes and if driven by car, the trip might take you around 40 minutes. However, if you decide to purchase a bus ticket, you should add some extra minutes to the planned arrival time.

To sum up

The benefits of travelling on a private jet weigh more and more when flying to areas where no large commercial airport is present. Time is money, so why doubt? 

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