Friends Don't Let Friends Fly Commercial

Find out how you can earn up to 1.500 euros in flight credits when you fly Hyer!

This September, we are awarding clients choosing to upgrade the way they fly by going Hyer, with a special gift - 1.500 euros in flight credits.
Part of the credit is given to family and friends so they can too experience why Hyer has been constantly welcoming more and more new clients.

Campaign General Information

  1. Clients are awarded the flight credit after booking and paying for a charter flight until the 1st of October 2021.
  2. Once the flight credit is awarded, clients can use it on their next flight. 
  3. The credit is valid to be used on flights with a departure date before December 31st 2021.
  4. The flight credit is limited to on-demand charter.
  5. The flight credit is divided into two amounts:
    1. 1.000 euros is awarded to the client to be used on his/her next flight. The client must be part of the passenger list on that flight. 
    2. 500 euros is awarded to a referral appointed by the client. 
  6. The credit has no cash value and cannot be redeemed as such (no cash alternative).
  7. If the flight that granted the credit to the client is cancelled, any credit awarded will be cancelled. 
  8. Limitation: 
    1. 1.000 euros credit can be applied on charter costing 10.000 euros or more.
    2. 500 euros credit can be applied to flights costing 8.000 euros or more.
    3. Credits cannot be shared or split. Only the full amount is considered.
    4. Only one flight credit can be used per booking. Therefore, credits are not accumulative. 
  9. Flight credits and vouchers are subject to availability and may be withdrawn by HYER at any time without notice.

This information does not replace the Terms and Conditions for Vouchers and Flight Credits of Hyer, which can be found on our Terms and Conditions page. 

Book your flight now and earn your reward. 

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