New Private Jet Membership

Save up to 20% per flight. Secure exclusive capped rates, without hefty deposits or long-term commitments, with the Hyer® Private Jet Membership. Limited availability!

Empowering you to reduce, predict, and control the cost of your private flight

Capped Hourly Rate

Ultimate price protection. All-inclusive rates that protect you against market volatility.

Up to 20% Lower

More competitive than one-off charter or jet cards. Start saving from your first flight.

Without Hefty Deposits

Fly as much as you want without long-term contracts or hefty deposits.


Only 50 members per season. Benefit first from aircraft availability.

Aggressive savings, starting on your first flight

Our programme is simple. Subscribe for instant access to lower capped rates, avoiding market volatility without a large up-front investment or long-term contracts. 

  • 15% lower rates than ad-hoc charter.
  • 20% lower rates than a jet card.
  • An even lower rate on longer flights.
  • Know your total flight costs beforehand.
  • All-inclusive rates. Avoid surprises or repositioning fees.
  • Recover your membership fee after flying just 2.5 hours.

More flexibility and convenience

A streamlined process and a limited number of members ensure that you can benefit from unparalleled consistency and more flexibility than any other option.

  • Unlimited hours that you can fly per year.
  • Free aircraft upgrade.
  • Better cancellation terms.
  • Guaranteed availability.
  • Dedicated 24/7 Flight Manager.
  • No peak-day premiums.
  • Members-only app.
  • Access to shared flights.

Access  to multiple aircraft types, with one membership

Opt for a range of safe and cost-effective aircraft, from Very Light Jets to Super Light Jets, matched to your flight needs, including the Citation M2, Citation CJ2, Phenom 300, Citation XLS, and more. 

  • Fly on different aircraft types without interchange fees.
  • Safety-vetted aircraft.
  • Aircraft for up to 8 passengers.
  • Fly up to 4 hours range, non-stop.
  • Catering and 100% carbon offset included.
Small jet cabin
 Cessna CJ3 Cabin - Source: Hyer Aviation
Phenom 300
Better cabin
Very Light Jet and Turboprops

Ideal if you need to fly with up to 5 passengers on trips with 2 hours of flight time or less.

You have access to airports with short runways such as Cannes or Sion.

Light Jet

The most versatile family with a generous luggage allowance. 

Fly with up to 6 passengers on trips with up to 3 hours of flight time.

Free aircraft upgrade available.

Light Jet +

Enjoy more space and comfort flying on the most popular private jets.

Fly with up to 7 passengers on trips with up to 3.5 hours of flight time.

Free aircraft upgrade available.

Super Light Jet

Perfect if you need to fly with a larger group or to further destinations. 

Fly with up to 8 passengers on trips with up to 4 hours of flight time. 

Free aircraft upgrade available.

All-inclusive capped rates, so you can fly and extract more value, for less.

All-inclusive rate

Just pay for the time you fly. No repositioning fees, empty legs or hidden extras.


Streamlined experience with our tech-driven platform.

Member Service

Bespoke 24/7 support for special requirements and flight advice. 

Shared Flights

Reduce your flight cost by selling unused seats.

Enjoy exclusive capped rates, without hefty fees or long-term commitments.

Limited availability.
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Different from other programs, our membership has a low entrance barrier.

This means that a Hyer® Membership makes financial sense for clients flying
2 hours per year (or more), instead of the traditional 25 hours that other programs expect (and ask) from you.

You also have the option to pay-as-you-fly if you don't know how many hours you will require.

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