Start Your Shared Flight

You decide the itinerary and schedule while reducing the cost of the flight by sharing your aircraft.

Fly at your schedule and itinerary for a fraction of the price. 

Shared Flight

Propose a flight. You decide the itinerary. The flight is confirmed once the minimum of seats is booked. Exclusive for Hyer Membership clients.

Shared Charter

Your on-demand flight, for less. Book an aircraft, put unused seats for sale and earn back the cost of each seat sold.

Propose a shared flight

Propose a route and let our platform gather other passengers to share the cost with you.

  • Propose a shared flight with as little as 2 seat commitment.
  • Flight is confirmed once a minimum number of seats are sold.
  • You just pay for your seats once the flight is confirmed.
  • You decide the route to fly private by a fraction of the price.

    Start a shared charter

    Book an on-demand flight and put unused seats for sale to others. Earn cash back on each sale, reducing your overall charter cost.

    • You decide the itinerary and time.
    • Your flight is already confirmed.
    • You decide how many unused seats are offered for sale.
    • You earn back for each seat sold.
    • Your charter flight could end costing 70% less.

    The benefits of starting your shared flight

    Confirmed price

    The price of your seat is fixed. Therefore you avoid change in price due to demand.

    Your itinerary

    You decide the route, departure date and time. Even how many seats you want to share.

    Fast growing user base

    Hyer is the pioneer in enabling clients to share an aircraft. With our ever-growing community, you have more chances to find other users willing to share the cost with you.

    Access to our Flight Management Service

    Complimentary advisory service from our team of flight experts. Our team will design the most competitive flight to be shared. 

    Transparent terms

    No hidden fees. Flexible conditions and payment security.

    Initiate today your shared charter or propose a shared flight.

    Private aviation for a fraction of the price
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    From 01/05/2022, proposing a shared flight is limited to clients with a Hyer Membership Account.

    You choose the route and time that you need a shared flight. Our Flight Management team will send you the price per seat. After paying an initiation fee, the flight is published online. You are only charged the amount of the seat once the flight has been confirmed.

    You can propose a flight with as little as 2 seat commitment. Unfortunately, at this moment, we do not propose a shared flight at the platform for clients flying solo.

    Only flights that depart from or to airports in London (UK) can be proposed. We look forward to extending our service to more countries soon.

    Flights can be proposed at least 21 days from the departure date. 

    You book an on-demand charter with Hyer and choose to offer the unused seats for sale. The flight is open for booking at the platform to our growing list of users and it is published to our subscribers and members.

    Seats are published at market price and can be purchased until 48 hours before departure. You receive as a refund the cost of any seat sold (minus a small commission). You can choose to receive the refund in flight credits or money.

    For example, if 5 out of 7 seats on your aircraft are sold, your charter flight would have cost you 70% less. 

    Starting a shared charter

    There is no fee to start a shared charter. You need to book an on-demand flight first (this means, you reserve and pay for the entire aircraft). Then you get back the cost of each seat sold on your flight minus a transaction fee. 

    Proposing a Shared Flight

    To propose a shared flight, an initiation fee is charged for clients without a Hyer Membership. The fee starts from GBP 25.00 / EUR 25.00. The fee can be waived based on the flight and route. Contact us to discuss more.

    You can also contact Hyer® via our contact page

    Also, we are available via phone or Whatsapp business +31 850 470 338.

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