Share the jet. What are the benefits?

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Do you still think that private flying can be affordable only for rich people? Well, we are here to deny this myth and explain to you why it's not quite true. Believe us, you can definitely experience the pleasures of a private aircraft by paying a lower price!

Have you ever heard of the seat-sharing program that is offered by Hyer? This is a great opportunity for those who can't or aren't in the need of booking the entire aircraft for their flight. 

If you don't mind sharing the plane with other people (you can do it not only with strangers but also with family members or friends), you can save A LOT by purchasing a single seat. Continue reading to find out the benefits of shared private jet flights. 

The biggest pros included

Desperate to fly privately but lacking a little bit of money? Looking for a great combination of an affordable price and comfort/luxury? Let's show you that everything is possible due to the great opportunities that are offered by Hyer! 

Lower price 

This is probably the best advantage that convinces travellers to book tickets on a shared private jet flight. It's no secret that booking the entire aircraft can cost anywhere from a few thousand to ten thousands of dollars for one hour. 

These numbers are quite big and it's understandable why many people can't afford such luxury. However, why buy all of the seats if you need just one?! This way you can save a great amount of money and get a one-way ticket for as low as 995 euros. 

All you have to do is to choose the only reliable option out there, being Hyer. Look for the best offer that will suit your needs and expectations. Once you have your ticket, the only thing that is left for you is to enjoy your flight! 

Guaranteed comfort 

Sharing seats with other people on a private jet definitely does not mean that you will lose the services that are included in a private flight. Be sure that once you buy a ticket (even if it's only for a single seat), comfort comes included in the paid fee. Discover the following: 

No lines

If you decide to fly privately, you will definitely win by saving time. We guess that you already know the feeling of boredom and impatience while standing in lines to go through all of those security checks that are necessary for airports before entering a commercial airliner. 

Wait no more! You will NOT have to go through numerous check-ups before entering a private aircraft. This way you can add one or even two spare hours to your schedule and arrive only approximately half an hour before your flight. 

Private terminals

Sick of getting stuck in a crowded airport when a hundred people are waiting near the same terminal? Well, you can definitely avoid this while travelling privately, and booking a one-seat ticket is all you need to receive the comfort of this service. 

When major airlines share the same flight terminals, private jets have their own ones that are a huge benefit while trying to avoid contaminated areas. This is especially important during these Covid-19 times when everyone is trying to prevent any type of human contact as much as possible. 

Luggage space

If you are travelling at least with a midsize private jet, you can expect enough space for your packings. This even includes equipment such as golf clubs, skis, or musical instruments. 

Furthermore, private jets give you the opportunity to keep your luggage in special spaces overhead or somewhere near you. This way you will always be aware of your things and sure that they will not get lost somewhere. Missing luggage isn't such a rare experience for commercial airline passengers. 


If you manage to share a private flight with your family members, friends, or colleagues, you are already in a win-win situation. The entire aircraft price is divided between a group of people who you know and can spend time communicating with during the trip. 

However, we see communication not only as a pro while travelling with well-known passengers. Booking a seat on a private jet with strangers can also appear to be a great opportunity to make new connections and even friends! You never know what kind of common interests you might have with the person sitting next to you... 


Since you have read the benefits of seat-sharing on a private flight, we hope that you will think about this as an option for some of your travels. Such trips are the best when looking for a good price and quality relation. Wishing you great moments during your flight! 

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