Flying private in Covid times. Is it safe?

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The well-known Covid pandemic has touched all of our lives and has made a big impact on travel.

Even though many flights are getting temporarily cancelled, not all pilots have lost their wings during these hard times. Some people are choosing private flights over commercial ones. Here the biggest question arises, is flying private in Covid times a safer way to travel than by main airlines? A private flight can definitely be more comfortable but is it less risky when talking about the widespread coronavirus infection? For those who are passionate aviation lovers, pilots-to-be, or just burning from interest to know the answer to the mentioned question, we have listed some points and compared both private and commercial flights. Let's find out which is a safer option during these pandemic times!

Revealing the truth

We are currently like pilots performing a check-up, starting the engines, and taking off the runway. However, this time, our fuel is enthusiastic research and the endpoint is to provide you with the top facts about private jet safety during Covid times. Keep reading to find out.


It is no secret that private aircraft arrive and depart via private terminals, while commercial flights share numerous airport points, used by different airline companies.

Private terminals actually give a BIG score point for private aircraft safety because there is minimal person-to-person contact required. Fewer contact points keep private jet travellers at low risk of meeting potentially infected individuals.

Score: 1:0


Here another scoring point goes to private flights. Passangers who fly private can pick from a wider range of airports. Private aircraft require a shorter runway then commercial planes, which often require a longer take-off and landing time via busy airports. 

For this reason, private aircraft can fly to smaller and less popular airports which equal to a lower risk of infected sources. 

Score: 2:0

VIP lounges

Another big perk of a private aircraft is that if you decide to board one, you will get to be in a VIP lounge! Comfort but not only comfort. It is safety also. Fewer people have access to such lounges,  which means that less contact is made, it is possible to enjoy more social distance and there is a lower risk of getting infected by a virus such as corona.

When talking about commercial flights, you will need to buy a first-class or business class ticket to get your own VIP lounge. However, passengers usually purchase the basic class, going via terminals where many people can be seated.

Score: 3:0

Safety measures

This time both commercial and private flights get a score point. All airlines (private or not) take health safety very seriously. Due to the pandemic, all crewmembers need to wear masks and use disinfectants.

Even more important, pilots and staff members are regularly tested because of the coronavirus to be sure that they are negative. Doing so, passengers can have peace of mind knowing they are taken care of by healthy crewmembers.

Score: 4:1


Even though all airlines take their planes' hygiene serious, private jets are EASIER to clean. They have fewer passenger seats which equal a lower number of people flying. They are smaller overall and they stay in the air for a shorter period of time than commercial planes. Therefore cleaning and disinfecting all contact point inside a private aircraft is more simple to complete.


Here we are talking about the transport that is used to get to an airport. When people book commercial flights, they usually take a taxi or use a friend's help to get to the airport which can be crowded and stuffed with rushing passengers that accidentally run into one another.

When using the services of private flights, a lot of companies offer to take their clients from their houses straight to private terminals. This result in a positive impact for preventing cross-contamination, due to fewer contact points that occur along the way.

Score: 5:1

To sum up

I guess this is where our flight ends this time. I hope that you have enjoyed it! It is obvious that private aircraft flights have collected almost all of the score points, so it is a travel option definitely worth considering nowadays. I wish you safe and happy landings!

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