All about the fuss surrounding Hyer

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All about the fuss surrounding Hyer. Why our service offering is on another level? At Hyer, our core value is to design services corresponding to our client's expectation.


Personalisation is a key factor in all our offers. Due to this fact, we have seen a surge of new clients coming to fly Hyer after been introduced via referrals. However, one thing that we heard frequently was that they just realise and feel our different approach once they are flying with us. 

As a company, it is quite tricky to highlight "personalisation" as a key differentiation factor. We can only deliver a personal experience from the moment clients trust us with their request. With that in mind, we built an On-Demand charter process that enables clients to feel the advantages of flying Hyer at any point in the customer journey.

"Our clients appreciate the value of time and having flexibility when making choices. The aircraft is just a tool to get them where they need to be." 

When clients are looking to charter an aircraft, it is easier to find multiple providers, and they all offer the same: 24 hours service, dedicated support, multiple aircraft, et cetera. At Hyer, we believe that the "key differentiation” that you easily find being advertised by everyone else should not be a differentiation at all. It should be the bare minimum – the standard. After all, the client is investing thousand of euros when chartering an aircraft. Flying private is nothing like buying a Ryanair ticket for 9.99 euros. 

At Hyer, our approach is different. It is bold. We literally don’t care how many aircraft we have access to or if we have someone 24/7 on the phone. Our focus is to make sure our clients extract the most out of their flights. That translates into providing services that support our clients to get to their destination as efficient and stress-free as possible. No one books an aircraft because we have a Falcon 7X or a Citation Mustang in our network. The aircraft is just a tool to get the clients where they need to be. So, how do we do that?

Why flying Hyer is different

Digital Care – Our clients can easily manage their request online. Retrieve key files on their dashboard and access exclusive empty legs. We reduced drastically the email exchanges and phone calls – something standard in the charter industry as if the entire industry is still stuck in the '90s.

Price Transparency – Flights suitable to the clients' needs and we mean it. Our clients know exactly what they get from their investment or budget. No hidden fees. No overpromises. We do not offer a client a Citation Mustang because the price is low if the client is flying with two passengers, a bunch of luggage and three dogs from London to Ibiza. It just will not fit. The client would be disappointed when he is asked to leave something behind, or he is asked to pay an additional fee for a last-minute aircraft upgrade. We also do not offer a glamorous Global Express, that cost a small fortune to fly, if the client is flying alone from Amsterdam to Zurich for a quick business meeting. It just does not make financial and operational sense.

Flexible Solutions – We design the flights for someone flying for the first time and price-sensitive as well as to recurring flyers, for which comfort is key. We enable our clients to stop depending on commercial airlines and also rigid and unflexible large brokers organizations.

Customisation – With Hyer you can easily customise all aspects of your journey. Not only the basics such as schedule and route but also your catering options, cancellation insurance, premium catering, airport transfer and more. Everything is easily done online or via our Flight Management team. 

CO2 Neutral flights – With Hyer clients can fly private with no remorse. We are the only charter in the Benelux that enable clients to offset 100% of their flight’s CO2 emission. We play our part to ensure a more sustainable future. We invest in carbon credits that support verified and audited programs around the globe, compensating for the impact of our flights on the environment. 

Worldwide Coverage - We have built a network that enables us to support our clients anywhere they are on the globe. Our clients can be flying in America or South East Asia and still can count on their dedicated Hyer Flight Manager to arrange their flights. They don't need to be looking for a different charter provider every new location they go. They don’t need to worry about currency differentiation since they can always pay in Euros or British Pounds, even though they are flying in a country in which the flight is charged in another currency. This means our clients can book a flight between Miami and Cancun or Bangkok to Dubai as easy as if they were booking a route from London to Dublin. 

Personal Flight Manager and Industry Expertise – The industry is full of brokers running their business from their living rooms between their other jobs such as retail sales (or whatever else they do from 9 to 5). You also have charter brokers – including the big names - hiring people with little or no technical experience. It is just not possible offering a personal service if your broker has no clue if it's a good idea to offer you a Piper M600 to fly into Dublin in the winter (I already can say – this is a terrible idea. You have a better chance to arrive on time if you book British Airways). Hyer operational team is 100% formed by certified pilots, not sales generalists. We know what it takes – literally – to perform a successful flight.

Aircraft Optimization – We optimise the fleet of our operators. This means that we find the closest and suitable aircraft matching our client’s demand. It can take a few minutes more than just sending to our client the first option that we find via our network, but that enables us to offer rates that are appealing and competitive.

Operational Freedom – Hyer has some preferred operators. Those are the ones that we believe can deliver the highest level of service regardless of the complexity of the flight. However, we do not commit to a specific operator. It would be hypocrisy to promote that we are transparent if we were assigning aircraft that just not make sense for the client, but it makes sense for our bank account.

Rewarding Memberships – Our membership is bold but is also simple to understand. We blend the benefits of having a Jet card and the easiness and care of a loyalty program. Our members have access to services not available anywhere without hefty fees. We will be giving more details soon but the few clients eligible for it will enjoy a benefit that hasn't been available yet in the charter business.

Quick Estimates – With Hyer you discover prices within seconds and not hours. Via our site, you get instant access to the most common prices for flying private. Then you could assess if the benefits connected to flying private are in line with the budget you have for your trip. If the answer is yes, you can easily request a quote for your flight with one click choosing your preferred aircraft type. Then one of our Flight Managers will start working on your request straight away. With this approach, we avoid wasting our clients time (and ours) with a quotation process which, in the end, might show a price that can make people jump from the chair if they are not used to the reality and cost of accessing the benefits of flying private.

Payment Security – Our clients' fund is allocated on a different bank account, exclusively set up for paying expenses related to the client's flight. This means we do not use clients fund for working capital. That gives full security and peace of mind to clients when booking their flight. 

Predictability – For regular flyers and business we offer guaranteed aircraft availability with refundable pre-purchased hours. That enable clients to purchase a package of flight hours in advance, so they can book as little as 120 minutes before departure. Clients also have better control of their travel budget knowing how much they can fly, avoiding price variations.

Client Selection – Our personal and fully customizable services can just be achieved if we are aware of the client's necessities. For this reason, to keep the quality of service and high level of client satisfaction, we decline to process a request from passengers that we cannot contact. Doing so we avoid, as explained above, presenting a solution that is not suitable for the flight. We understand that it is not an approach very popular, but it ensures we have the best offering for those who care to receive a seamless service. 

To sum up

With these key factors, Hyer has been transforming the way people fly private. More exciting is that the points described here are from our On-Demand services available for every client. For now, I hope you have the idea why all the fuzz surrounding Hyer and why our clients love the way we upgrade the way they fly. 

Do you see a match between how we work and how you like to be treated as a client? Then we would love to welcome you. Get in touch with our Flight Manager team or send you On-Demand flight request via our platform. 

Let’s upgrade the way you fly. 

Helder Reis | Co-Founder & Director of Product & Customer Experience

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